Over 15 years, Music Media Consulting has become the first and only independent French public relations and promotion agency to cover all media: radio, television, press, web, clubs, tours, events and institutional.

Music Media Consulting has tailored its promotional style by creating specific departments for each musical genre, so that each project benefits from its own strategy and its own budget.

Being in permanent contact with all media leads to a clear understanding of each format and enables us to deliver an appropriate strategy. 


Music Media Consulting includes several departments:

Music Publicist PR in France

TV, Nation Radio Stations and Magazines, we work with all medias based in France.

For the new technologies of online viral marketing and community management. 

Promotion of your project in France to the websites, blogs & webradios that are part of the Yacast (Webradios), Nielsen (Websites) or MMC+ (specialized blogs) networks as Aficia, Cocy, Melty, Elle.fr, Stephane La rue, music and travel blog Reead

The aim is to obtain online publications of news items, video posts, information on your concerts, scheduling of interviews and contests in partnership with associated sites. 

Music Marketing in France

For all artists’ and producers’ needs (label management, project management, rights management, etc.).

Music Publishing in France

Publishing, sub-publishing, catalogue management & synchronization. 

Artist booking in France

With Hit Booker! for artists live shows (showcases, tours, clubs, nightclubs and all live music of any style). 

A complete, detailed vision of the music industry is the key to delivering results.