In a constantly changing economic environment in which music consumption is growing significantly, Music Media Consulting, Music PR in France,  creates opportunities for certain alternative projects and offers an access to increasingly demanding media.

Who We are?

Over 15 years, Music Media Consulting, a music marketing company in France, has become the first and only independent Music PR in France . Our promotion agency cover all media: radio, television, press, web, clubs, tours, events and institutional.

What We do?

Music Media Consulting, a music publicist company in France, has tailored its promotional style by creating specific departments for each musical genre.

So that each project benefits from its own strategy and its own budget. Being in permanent contact with all media leads to a clear understanding of each format and enables us to deliver an appropriate strategy.

The Music PR Team

National Promotion COCTO

Raised on radio, Cocto was radio host and production manager for the Mornings and Dance shows in the early 1990s. He “scrambled the waves” from Maxximum (RTL) to NRJ, through RFI, Radio FG, Contact, Fun Radio and RTL. 

In the recording industry, he became head of Clubs at BMG, then head of Promotion at Do It Music/Warner and then at Edel Music France. 

Professor in the field of entertainment and leisure industries at the RMS (Reims Management School) since 2004, for the “Musical Production MBA” at the ESG (Paris 11), at the IMM (Institut des Métiers de la Musique, Paris 3), at the CIFAP (Centre International de Formation à l’Audiovisuel et de Production, Montreuil), he is also the host of the Hot Hit show on Hot Mix radio, the 3rd most popular web radio (according to OJD, May 2014). 

Local radios promotion, Marie

Press & TV PR, Elsa Martin Saint Léon & Sabrina Serrao

Clubs promotion, Franck Parseghian

Web and Digital Music Marketing, Ryad

International Coordination, Sandrine Lombardo & Vincent Monney

Marketing and music screener department, Vincent Monney

Booking, Franck Parseghian

Administrative, Audrey Montis

Accountant, Antonio Velasco